Year six into seven Reading Road Passport

Reading is a lifelong, life enhancing skill and as students start at St Peter’s they begin a phase of discovery when it comes to both themselves and reading.

Reading, if practised regularly, has a wide range of benefits not just improving student’s achievements academically by widening vocabulary and comprehension of all subjects; but also enhancing well-being, empathy, and sleep.

Over the summer we hope to encourage your child to keep on reading. 

Our Summer ‘Reading Road Passport’ task aims to encourage and record their reading and to provide us with an idea of what they like to read.

What they fill in will influence displays and stock purchases, and will help us guide them when they are  looking for reading materials.

This is a voluntary activity with no consequences if it isn’t completed or if it is only partially filled in. However there will be rewards and a chance for prizes on for those students who hand them in during their induction session, partly or fully completed.

An A4 version of the passport can be downloaded here: Reading Road Passport