Curriculum, prospectus and results

Our mission is to provide a rigorous and broad education within the context of a Christian environment. An understanding of the Roman Catholic faith, in line with the Gospel message, underpins the whole work of the school. Our main aim is to develop the self-esteem, dignity and respect of all members of the community by concentrating on each person’s infinite worth in the eyes of God.

We strive to develop confident, happy students who progress spiritually, academically & socially, whatever their starting point; to educate the whole person; to build on prior stages of learning for students to become successful learners who are prepared for the future, who know they are unique, who know their own worth and are kind, charitable, empathetic and aware. We work with parents, carers and pupils to develop young people who are resilient & optimistic (who use & are reminded to use growth mindset when work is challenging) and who are:

  • active and healthy

  • confident

  • team workers

  • literate

  • numerate

  • analytical

  • creative

  • problem solvers

  • digitally literate and ‘savvy’ about e-safety

  • reflective

  • articulate

  • appreciative of the wider environment, of culture and of history  

Click here to download our most recent prospectus for KS3 pupils

Click here to download our most recent sixth form prospectus

KS4 pocket guide, subject information and results

Click here for our most recent key stage 4 guide for current year 10 students. 
Click here for KS4 subjects and examination boards. 

Click here for an overview of our most recent KS4 results and click here for a detailed pdf download of our most recent KS4 and KS5 public exam results.

The school's performance tables, as prepared and published by the Department for Education, can be accessed online by clicking this link.


Details of the admissions policies and the procedures are available on this website by clicking this link.