Ethos, values, vision & curriculum

With respect, optimism and kindness we, like Peter, follow in the footsteps of Jesus to build our family community.

We promote honesty, empathy and love for one another. Together we celebrate our faith, our diversity and our uniqueness in the eyes of God.

The skills developed at St Peter’s will enable us to make a positive difference in the world.


Our school’s vision is to provide an excellent education in a safe, supportive learning environment, one where people are valued and make positive contributions to the school community, and where students go on to become responsible, independent members of society.

At the heart of everything we do are our students. We are aspirational for our students and want them to have high aspirations also. 

Our curriculum is student-centred and we aim for that education to be inspiring, stimulating and challenging. 

We strive to develop confident, happy students who progress spiritually, academically & socially, whatever their starting point; to educate the whole person; to build on prior stages of learning and to prepare students for the next stage of their education, whether at KS4, KS5 or beyond; for students to become successful learners who are prepared for the future, who know they are unique, who know their own worth and are kind, charitable, empathetic and aware. We work with parents, carers and pupils to develop young people who are resilient & optimistic (who use & are reminded to use growth mindset when work is challenging).

Our three-year KS3 builds on prior learning at KS2 and provides a broad curriculum. As a Catholic school, all students study R.E. along with English, maths, science and P.E. They develop skills and expertise in history, geography, a modern foreign language, art, music, drama, computer science and in four technology specialisms. Students also receive careers education and guidance, PSHE (personal, social and health education) / citizenship as well as focusing on reading, vocabulary, current affairs and study skills in study period. Some students receive literacy and / or numeracy intervention or develop key skills with members of the school's SEND department.

At KS4 students study core subjects of English Language, English Literature, mathematics, science. R.E, P.E, citizenship and PSHE (personal, social and health education) / careers and work-related learning and continue to focus on reading, vocabulary, current affairs and study skills / examination skills in study period. A small number of students - with parental agreement - follow an amended curriculum which is suitable for them and still study all the above subjects as well as some other courses which have been selected for them.

KS4 students are given advice and guidance about option subjects in the Spring of year 9 and may then choose from a wide range of option subjects including French, Polish, Spanish, geography, history, computer science, art, business studies, drama, elite sport, health and social care, music, sociology, sports studies, technology (food, graphics or 3D design). 

Our KS4 courses lead on to KS5 (e.g. students may study level 2 business studies or health and social care or sport studies at KS4 and level 3 in these subjects at KS5). We offer a wide range of level 3 A-level and vocational courses in the sixth form. See the sixth form page and prospectus for further details. Students continue to study R.E. at KS5, to receive careers education and guidance, further to develop study skills and to prepare for further or higher education and training.

During curricular time, super and extra curricular activities and other opportunities such as retreats, assemblies and liturgies, students develop their cultural capital - the essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens. Through, for example, exposure to and study of the best artists, musicians, writers, philosophers, mathematical and scientific thinkers, students are introduced to 'the best that has been thought and said' which helps them to appreciate human creativity and achievement. This is most important for disadvantaged students but empowers all students and raises their aspirations.

St Peter's has always been renowned for its pastoral care. Throughout their school career students from 11 to 19 receive pastoral and academic support and guidance from their tutor, their head of year, their head of key stage and from our award-winning careers officer, our full-time Chaplain, our librarians, our attendance officer and many other members of staff. Our Student Support Services provision is available to students offers support through our mental health nurse, art therapist, school counsellor or support worker and can work with students on a 1:1 basis, or in small groups. The director of SSS works closely with the SENDCO and with the Progress team who focus on the development and progress of disadvantaged students.

We want our students to become independent learners, who are critical in their thinking, informed in their choices and confident in their ability to succeed in the modern world, who are respectful and tolerant, focused and confident and who strive for the best. We want them to understand and promote British values.

In addition to their academic lives we also want our students to benefit from the wide range of extra curricular experiences available in the arts, sport and culture which will help them become well rounded balanced adults. We want our students to be:





numerate, analytical


team workers

problem solvers

active and healthy

digitally literate

‘savvy’ about e-safety

appreciative of the wider environment, of culture and of history.