Diocesan Inspection Reports

"The Catholic life, including the pupils’ contribution to it, is a huge strength of this outward looking, family orientated and inclusive school. 
Pupils are immensely proud of St Peter’s and wholeheartedly embrace the many rich opportunities provided for all to grow in faith and secure a deep understanding of the importance of faith in their lives.
The school’s model of chaplaincy is highly effective in reaching and engaging a large number of pupils."

The full 2018 inspection report can downloaded here (PDF)


"St Peter’s is an outstanding Catholic school. It has a strong Catholic ethos into which pupils from different faiths and ethnic backgrounds fit comfortably." 

The full 2013 inspection report can be downloaded here (PDF)


"Pupils are proud to belong to this strong Catholic community and are enthusiastic participants in the very special ethos it provides. Behaviour across the school is excellent, with pupils treating each other with great respect."

The full 2009 inspection report can be downloaded here (PDF)