Welcome to Chaplaincy at 
St Peter’s RC High School and Sixth Form Centre!

Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium invited ‘All Christians, everywhere, at this very moment, to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ, or at least an openness to letting him encounter them… No one should think that this invitation is not meant for him or her, since “no one is excluded from the joy brought by the Lord”.


In St Peter’s Chaplaincy we take this invitation and make it our vision and mission!

We offer opportunities to grow in our friendship with Jesus through prayer, praise, worship and pastoral support, retreats, spiritual care and leadership and compassionate outreach those in need in our human family

The Chaplaincy offers an ‘open door’ providing a welcome for all people in all situations.
Our Chaplain, Mandy Baker, works with teams of students, staff and our local clergy.

Our Chaplain works with classes of students in school to explore aspects of their RE curriculum and give opportunity for reflection and shared prayer experiences.

The Chaplaincy offers  a ‘listening ear’ to provide help, support, encouragement and care so that St Peter's will be a happy faith filled place in which all can learn, grow and be valued as a unique child of God.

Our Chaplain is enthusiastic to offer the school community the opportunity to experience and express faith through both prayer and action. 

Each Year group has a patron saint and we have had the opportunity to celebrate a liturgy together celebrating the life of the Saint and their inspiration for us today. Students play an active role through preparing and readings, prayers, role play and music.

The Chaplaincy at St Peter’s provides a number of opportunities for pupils to become more engaged with both their faith, and the faith life of the whole college and local community. 

  • In Year 7, pupils have the opportunity to attend ‘Good Vibes’, a lunchtime club that allows them to discover more about the Catholic faith, in a friendly and fun environment.  In these sessions we play games, look at stories from the bible, and do activities that convey the Catholic message in a fun and interactive way.
  • In Year 8 and 9, pupils have the chance to put their faith into action in a variety of ways. For example, the ‘Charities Team’ meet regularly to plan sessions and work together to show the love of God in both practical ways and good works
  •  In Year 10 and 12, pupils begin to make further connections with their faith life.  Students are offered a Eucharistic Ministers training Programme to commission new ministers to distribution of Holy Communion.  Year 10 and Year 12 students are part of the Diocesan/ CAFOD programme for Young Volunteers and Young Leaders. These programme allows them to become involved in developing, organising and running Awareness and Fund raising events for CAFOD within the school community
  •  Altar Server Training is carried out by students in Years 10 and 11 and train young students to train to serve Mass.
  • The Emmaus Group First Communion Programme is run by the Chaplain to prepare students for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion

In addition, there are many other opportunities for pupils to become involved in chaplaincy at St Peter’s



At the IGNITE evenings we have live praise and worship music and special guest speakers who can share their faith life. Our contributors help to attract young people into an 'arena' where they can then experience praise and worship and hear testimonies whilst experiencing the special gifts and talents of our contributors.

IGNITE is an event created following the prompting of the Holy Spirit to allow people of all ages to engage in, experience and grow in their faith in a different setting. Our event is open to all people, youth, parents, adults, peoples from near and far! Come and join us and allow IGNITE to fan the fires of faith!! Find out more about IGNITE at:

RETREAT PROGRAMMES: Our Chaplain runs retreat days for all of our Year 7, Year 9 and Year 12 students. The day offers of students the change to reflect on our faith, our community at St Peter’s and our place in our world. The days give the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy one another’s company too!

Chaplaincy On Tour!

Chaplaincy enables our students to engage in faith through attendance at many large gatherings. We attend the Flame Conferences at Wembley, the Big Church Night In Events in Bath where we have seen Matt Redman, Hillsong, Tim Hughes and Kari Jobe!

YOUTH ALPHA: We will be offering our students the opportunity to grow in faith through exploring the Youth Alpha sessions