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Welcome to St Peter’s and thank you for your interest in us.

St Peter’s is an exceptional community of extraordinary young people and adults working towards a  common purpose.  

We are a Catholic educational community who work with parents to prepare their children for adulthood.

Our motto is ‘tu es petrus’ (You are Peter). These words, spoken by Jesus, are followed by ‘and on this rock I will build my Church’. Rocks give foundation and stability, so when we talk of our Rock Values, (Respect, Optimism, Community and Kindness) these are the essence of what we see as essential in the formation of young people as they mature.

Respect comes in many forms and we embrace all of them. We focus on self-respect, respect for others, respect for the environment and respect for God. These are prerequisites of adulthood and as such we plan for opportunities for young people to show that they are respectful.

Optimism is having a positive outlook on life and a vision] for oneself, friends and community. The Pope has a encouraged us to be people of Joy and in so doing encourage those around us in their endeavours to be the very best version of themselves that they can be.

Community is what St Peter’s is rooted in. The proverb ‘I am because we are’ is at the very heart of what the school seeks to exemplify through sport, performing arts, examination success and the development of skills and knowledge.

Kindness is a core value for us at St Peter’s. St Francis said that ‘it is in giving that we receive.’ It is through compassion that we find Christ in our midst. This is why charity work is central to the life of our school.

We follow a curriculum that is enriching and aspirational. Students of all abilities are taught by highly qualified and dedicated teachers. We are proud of the achievements of our students and seek to send them out into the world as well qualified, confident, well rounded and ambitious young people ready to contribute to the common good.

Our commitment to sport and creative arts is outstanding and our extra curricula offer is exceptional.

Visitors to the school consistently comment on the family atmosphere that runs through the community. This is a culture of which we are extremely proud.

At St Peter’s we aim to do the ordinary things well. In this we find greatness in ourselves and one another.

Mr McDermott


February 2023

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