WAGOLL (What a good one looks like)

  1.  Some teachers have created work themselves to provide a model of A* work.  Once one student has achieved this standard, that student's work can be used as an example in future.
  2.  Another idea is for students to compare and contrast their own work with the WAGOLL work and to complete a Venn diagram identifying what they have achieved and what could be improved:                    
  3.  For subjects where students write essays, you could mix up six paragraphs from two different essays (three from a grade A and three from a grade C, for example) and get students to sort them into the different grades and be able to say why one is better. 
  4.  When introducing a new task to students, you could get them in groups to look at four different examples (e.g. four persuasive speeches) and get them to come up with the criteria for a successful persuasive speech before they go on to write their own.