Swap, Steal, Bust game

Display the Swap, Steal, Bust powerpoint slide on the board. This shows the seconds & points per question.

You will need 25 numbered cards face down on the front table:

  • 20 x question cards (these need to be differentiated so that easier questions = less time to answer & fewer points; harder questions = more points & more time.  See powerpoint slide for details.)
  • 2 x swap cards (can swap their points with another team’s)
  • 2 x steal cards (can take another team’s points; other team ends up with zero)
  • 1 x bust card  (lose all your points)

The students should be put into 4 or 5 teams, dependent on numbers.
Appoint one student to keep the score (good for numeracy) and to do the timer.
A different member of each team should come up each time to pick up a card. (all pupils will therefore participate)
They say the number of the chosen card first, so the timer person knows how long to give them.
Then they ask their team the question.
The team can use books* / displays / their knowledge to shout out the answer. The team member up the front who picked the question card can also answer.
If the correct answer is given within the time, the team gets the corresponding number of points.
If the team do not answer the question correctly, it is passed onto the next team, who also must answer within the time.
All students need to listen to each question even if it isn’t their go, as the question can be passed on to the next team, and the next team etc. until the question answered correctly.
Once answered, the card is given to the teacher so that only the unanswered question cards remain on the table at the front.
*Students can double their points if they don’t use textbooks for help

The winners are the team with the most points!