Student-centred teacher

The student-centred teacher has:


Warmth - the foundational contributor (warmth is demonstrated in acceptance, affection, unconditional respect and a positive regard for students.  We may think it is obvious that we are caring because we work hard / spend lots of time on marking etc but teachers need to show warmth in ways which students can see / observe ).


Trust  - the optimistic and high expectations contributor (teacher show students that they believe in them, especially when they are struggling; the teacher is optimistic and has high expectations.)


Empathy  - the 'get to know the students' contributor (the teacher gets to know the students and works out how certain students understand the material or where they get confused.  Can the teacher stand in the student's shoes and see his / her perspective?  Then the teacher will know the optimal feedback to provide to move the student forward.)


Positive relationships  - the contributors together (One way in which to turn students off learning is for them to have a poor relationship with the teacher.  The essence of positive relationships is the student seeing the warmth, feeling the encouragement and knowing the teacher understands him or her.)