Plenary ideas

Give me a ? and a ? - a ridiculously straightforward plenary idea:

You end the lesson by asking each student (or just some) to make a quick statement about what they have learned in the lesson as well as a question about something they're not sure of.  Alternatively, the question could be a quiz question which someone else in the group has to answer.


'Back to back' pair work plenary 

This could be adapted to use in many subjects.   In geography one student described a diagram on the board to their partner (who couldn't see the board) and who had to try to sketch the diagram solely based on their partner's instructions.  This was then followed by feedback which picked up on difficulties / challenges and key points. The accompanying slide explains the procedure.



Using a checklist to review lessons where pupils did not behave as well as you wanted them to.  It could also be used as a checklist in the future.  Click here.