Peer teaching

Peer teaching was seen in a science lesson but could be adapted for most / all subjects.  (The attached powerpoint shows the starter activity, the sheet students completed by the end of the lesson, the 15 cards given to students and the slide  -containing key words and objectives - which was displayed during the main activity.) 

The teacher had prepared 15 cards, each with different facts about acids and alkalis.  It was a class of 30 so the students were split into two groups of 15.  Each student had a very short period of time (2 minutes) to summarise the information on their card into 10 words or fewer and they were encouraged to use diagrams if this was helpful.  They were not allowed simply to copy the information from the teacher's card.

The next stage involved groups of threes teaching each about the information on their card.  Students had been given a sheet on which to record information they were taught by each other.  Then two students moved on while one remained and the process was repeated.  This happened twice more and the two who had moved then returned to the original group to share what else they had learned ('Home and away')

Throughout the lesson the objectives were on the board and the instructions.  The planning led to a more active lesson than if the teacher had simply used the textbooks or 'lectured' from the front.