Foldables can be used to introduce a topic, to organise notes or to revise.  You could try a basic version or progress to more complicated ones.

Foldables (or graphic organisers!) are ways in which students can present and organise information in a visual and memorable way.  The linked pdf (click here) explains and illustrates lots of different ones, from the most basic to the more complex.  Read to the end of the pdf to see examples and images.

If you are interested and try some of them, then watch this (rather monotonous) teacher on YouTube - and be impressed!  The possibilities are endless and, of course, foldables could be used to help students organise material for revision or to record information in lessons or for displays.  There are also lots of examples of Pinterest and elsewhere.

You'll need to do some preparation and the pdf emphasises the importance of modelling how to use them with your group.