Alphabet plenary

Are you looking for a simple plenary to use with your classes to assess their learning?  Or have you ever finished your lesson early and wondered what to do for the last 3 minutes?

The Alphabet game needs no preparation, can last as quick/ long as you like, and helps pupils to reflect on their learning.

All you need to do is ask the pupils to see if they can link something they have learnt from a lesson or topic to each letter of the alphabet.

You can guide them saying it may be a:

Word                           A Amino acid

Definition                  B Builds DNA

Exam tip                    C Check answers before handing in

Coping strategy       D Do the Qs you know first, process of elimination

Study skill                 E Essay structure

Big picture                F Furthers my knowledge of….

They can discuss their answers in pairs/groups, then feedback.

Or you can pick random pupils/ random letters.

When tried with a Year 11 Spanish group it was a revelation. The processing skills to rack their brains for something to link to each letter to stretched them mentally. They also took control of checking their own learning, and therefore it was more pupil-led than teacher-led.