Homework Policy

All pupils receive twelve homeworks per year in each of their subjects and these homeworks are completed in dedicated homework books. Parents are invited to monitor these books as they are completed, assessed and marked.  Students and parents can see the details of homework set on Show My Homework.  All homework can be accessed via the link on the home page of the website but, by using the pins given to students at the start of the academic year, students and parents can just the homework applicable to them.

In this way, we all - students, teachers, heads of department and parents - have a completely clear idea of what homework is to be done, where it has been completed and how well each student is progressing.

Students are given a week to complete each homework task and they must learn how to manage their time to ensure that all homeworks are completed punctually.  Sixth form students will receive twelve homeworks for each element of their studies and this will be explained to them.

The length of each homework will reflect the amount of curriculum time allocated to each subject. Therefore, to take an example, in year 7, we will expect longer homeworks in English than in history.

If any parent has a query about homework, in the first instance they should contact the head of department.