Homework Policy

All pupils receive regular homework. The type and frequency depends on the individual subject.

In some subjects, like maths and modern languages, homework is little and often while in others more substantial tasks will be completed each half term. The length of each homework will reflect the amount of curriculum time allocated to each subject. Therefore, to take an example, in year 7, we will expect longer homeworks in English than in history. Departmental homework policies can be found via this link.

Some homework will completed online via sites like MyMaths, Kerboodle or Educake. Many subjects - but not all - use separate homework books for homework tasks and assessments. Parents are invited to monitor these books as they are completed, assessed and marked. In addition, pupils are expected to spend time reviewing the work of the day; ensuring their notes are complete and clear; revising key vocabulary, terminology, theories and quotations; and spending twenty minutes per day on private reading.

Students and parents can see the details of homework set on Show My Homework.  All homework can be accessed via the link on the home page of the website but, by using the pins given to students at the start of the academic year, students and parents can just view the homework applicable to them.

In addition to regular homework, all KS3 and KS4 students will be assessed in every subject via tests conducted in test conditions three times a year, once each term. Parents will receive progress reports on their sons and daughters three times a year following these assessments.

Details of homework requirements for sixth form students are available on the department pages of this website. 

If any parent has a query about homework, in the first instance they should contact the head of department.