Design & Technology

Head of Department: Miss Victoria Deacon

Key Stage 3

Throughout this key stage students will experience every aspect of Design Technology including Design, Make, Evaluate and Theoretical knowledge.

They will learn skills throughout a range of disciplines and materials.  They will have practical skills in woods, plastics, textiles, CAD CAM, and food throughout each year in this Key Stage.

Students continue to enhance and develop their skills from Yr7 to Yr9.  They produce a range of healthy dishes and manufacture products they are proud of and want to take home.  They are taught a range of design strategies from conceptual to technical draws.

They will also learn about current topics and influences within Design Technology, including the environmental and sustainable issues, the impact of new technologies and materials and cultural influences of past and present designers.

Year 7 Overview

Year 8 Overview

Year 9 Overview

Key Stage 4

Students will choose either:

Design Technology following a pathway of specialising in Timbers or Papers and boards.


Food and Nutrition

All courses allow students to build a portfolio of skills for the chosen specialism.  They will complete a Non-Examined Assessment which includes a brief is set by the exam board and which accounts for 50% of their overall GCSE.

They will also complete an external examination which accounts for the remaining 50% of the course.

Students have a range of theory and practical based tasks throughout the year building on skills, processes and knowledge which links for to the NEA and examination.

Key Stage 5

Students complete an A Level in 3D Design. They will experiment with a range of materials and processes and build on a range of skills which will inform and inspire them to complete a personal investigation. This is worth 60% of their final grade and be presented as a design portfolio.

They will also complete a practical examination which is worth 40% of the course.

Their projects are tailored to their future pathways. Students can specialise in a range of disciplines from Architecture, Set Design, Furniture Design, Engineering, Automotive design and many more.   

Throughout the two years students will focus on well regarded designers and cultural movements. They will appreciate the influences these have had on modern and contemporary materials, manufacture and design.  

Extra Curricular

Students are encouraged to join a variety of clubs of offer throughout the year.

They can join the very popular crochet club, cookery club or craft club.  All years groups and staff are welcome to produce a range of products they can take home and share. 

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