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St Peter's Careers Strategy

(The Careers Strategy Action Plan will be  updated July 2022)

Information about making Careers advice impartial and effective. 

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Measuring the Impact of the Careers Programme:

At St peter’s we measure the impact of the careers programme by a range of methods such as,  the progress towards the achievement of the Gatsby Benchmarks, students completing feedback questionnaires after a career event, inviting feedback from employers and providers participating in careers events and activities, reviewing the destination data for students leaving school and sixth form to ensure zero NEET, using a scaling system before and after a one to one guidance interview to gage students confidence and ability to move forward in pursuit of their career plans and next steps.

Careers service:

At St Peter’s we actively encourage and inspire young people to be independent and take ownership of their career plans, whilst considering all options available to them, so that they are able to select the best way forward for their aspirations, abilities, interests and learning styles. 

We encourage students to think broadly and ambitiously about their future education and career options and to consider current labour market conditions to ensure they make well informed decisions about their futures.  This is strengthened by excellent relationships and contact with independent careers advisers, local employers, training providers, colleges, universities and school alumni.

We recognise that our students may have several careers over their working lives, our aim therefore, is to ensure they leave St Peters as resilient, confident young people able to cope with life’s events and challenges having developed the skills to manage their careers and the capacity to cope with change as and when it happens.

Our extensive careers education programme ensures students in years 7-13 receive timely information, advice and guidance regarding the full range of options available to assist them to make informed decisions about their next steps in education, training or employment.

The Careers Service in school is provided by Head of Careers, Mrs Sarah Beeton, OR 01452 509224

Where to find us  
In the Careers office between the sixth form area and R.E.

Opening Times 
The office is staffed Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8.30 am to 4 pm.

Any student is welcome to drop by during break times or to email appointment requests to

One to one guidance appointments are available during the school day and, wherever possible, are arranged in free periods for sixth form students and by agreement with teaching staff in KS3 and KS4.

How can careers staff help you? 
One to one guidance interviews are client centred, whereby you set the agenda for the interview.  You have the opportunity to discuss your career plans and to consider a wide range of options that best suit your aspirations, strengths, abilities and learning styles. By providing individualised and impartial information, advice and guidance, we can help you to:

  • Research your career ideas,
  • Investigate learning and work opportunities,
  • Research the local and national labour market,
  • Evaluate your options and decide on the action needed,
  • Make year 10 and sixth form/post 16 and post 18 option choices
  • Prepare a CV,
  • Apply for part time employment or Apprenticeships,
  • Discuss university courses,
  • Find a work experience placement (Yr,12 & 13)

Parents/carers, learners, employers, training providers and education providers  are welcome to give feedback on any aspect of the CEIAG programme to Mrs Beeton, Head of Careers