Student Leadership

Head Students 2022 - 2023

Head Students: Bethany, Katy, Daniel and  Goodness and Mercy represent the student body in the sixth form and are committed to addressing any of concerns of students with the aim to develop possible solutions. Along with the Sixth Form Student Leadership Team, we organise social events both within and outside of school, including Children in Need Day - where the Sixth Form come into school in fancy dress to raise as much money as possible - as well as parties such as the icebreaker in September, the Winter Ball and the Spring Fling. These events are aimed to help integrate you further and further into our proud school identity.

Our school is built upon a Catholic ethos and we encourage students to at least embed yourself into it during the liturgical season, with Christmas, Easter and our whole school masses.

Head Students are selected through a written application process where a short list is selected with finally candidates being voted into position by their peers.


Head Student Person Specification and Job Description can be found here


Student Leadership Programme  - new for 2021

Beginning in 2021, sixth form students will now be required to enrol in our students leadership programme as part of their programme of study. As part of our catholic ethos, which encourages service to both our community and ourselves, student will apply and be appointed to a leadership role within the school. They will act as ambassadors and role models to our younger students, and they will help shape the character of the school and sixth form moving forward.

Roles include:

  • Subject Teaching Assistants
  • Year 7 Reading Mentors
  • Running Mastery Classes
  • Head Students
  • Site Team
  • Subject Ambassadors
  • Social Media Team
  • Reception and Admin
  • Sports Coaching
  • Tour guides and public liaison
  • KS3 Homework club leader