St Peter's Reading Challenge

The challenges are designed to build a regular reading habit. Targeting reading for pleasure to encouraging students, no matter what their reading ability, to read regularly outside of the classroom.

Reading for pleasure and reading regularly have many benefits, from the academic; expanding vocabulary and knowledge and to improving empathy and wellbeing. Developing a reading habit will hopefully lead to a love of reading which in turn equips people with the ability to succeed. 

What happens if you don’t finish a reading challenge? Absolutely nothing! The reading challenge is done to to improve your reading, and to expand and explore a wider range of books. Completing the challenge should not be stressful it should be rewarding and fun. However that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t read challenging or complicated book, reading easy books simply to hit the goal will be noticed. 

To help you find different books to read you can ask the library staff or try one of the mini challenges that the library has. Taking part in the Reading challenge as part of the ROCK award; the reading section can be achieved by completing a ribbon award and/or a bronze, silver, gold challenge. These challenges run over the students school career not just a single school year so there is an opportunity to achieve the reading element of the ROCK award each year.

The only task attached to the reading challenges is to record your reading - what you have read, and where appropriate, how long you have read for. Also expect to get asked about your reading when the award is signed off.

Ribbon awards can involve any reading - comics, magazines, books, newspapers anything that involves you reading.

The bronze silver and gold awards are for reading books (these can be read in a group or accompanied by an audio version).

White Ribbon Award

Aimed to get you into a reading habit. Research published in 2009 by Philippa Lally a health psychologist at UCL suggest that it takes an average of 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic. So this challenge is an introductory challenge to start to build reading into a habit for those students who don't read regularly. If a day is missed simply pick up reading the following day.

To achieve this award a student needs to read daily for 66 days - the reading time needs to be at least 10 minutes although students can combine this with the Yellow Ribbon Award and start off reading for 20 minutes.

Yellow Ribbon Award

Read for the equivalent of 20 minutes a day every day or for 2 hours 20 minutes over a 7-day period during the school year (40 weeks).
Target: 95 hours to achieve the award.

Bronze Reading Challenge

The Bronze level is based on a school year of 40 days and could be completed alongside the Yellow Ribbon Award. 

Read a book a week for the school year (40 books) to achieve the award.

Red Ribbon Award

Read for the equivalent of 30 minutes a day every day or for 3 hours 30 minutes over a 7-day period over a year (52 weeks).

Target:182 Hours to achieve the award

Silver Reading Challenge

Read a book a week for a year (52 books) to achieve the award.

Blue Ribbon Award

Read for the equivalent of  an hour a day every day or for 7 hours over a 7-day period over a year (52 weeks).

Target 365 Hours to achieve the award

Gold Reading Challenge

Read 100 books in a year to achieve the award.

Platinum Challenge

Set your own reading goal.