Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth Form Dress Code

Year 12 only from September 2017  

Years 12 and 13 from September 2018

The Sixth Form Dress Code is compulsory for all members of the Sixth Form. The dress code has been devised to create an appropriate balance between smartness and the need to express individual style.  As one of the leading sixth forms in the county, it's important that we set a standard and maintain it.

The dress code was introduced for a number of reasons which are briefly outlined below: 

It is important that the Sixth Form sets a good example to the lower school.  Smart dress is an essential part of this. Dressing more smartly can have a positive effect on your attitude to work, reminding you that you are in an academic environment.A smartly dressed Sixth Form promotes St Peter’s positively to visitors, parents and prospective students. 

A dress code provides guidance to our International students, many of whom have never had to wear a uniform before. 

Dressing smartly, yet retaining some personal freedom and choice marks the step into adulthood and responsibility. 

The dress code is not cost prohibitive. Market research has shown that suitable clothes can be found in shops for every pocket from Primark to Next!

The following points provide guidance on what will and will not be acceptable:


School / office shoes
Smart grey or black tailored trousers (no jeans / denim/ tight fitting or cropped)
White shirt with collar ¾ or full length sleeve
Ties are to be worn.  The tie should be appropriate to a school setting
The crested blazer available from Trutex Gloucester and Stroud 


School / office shoes
Knee length tailored grey or black skirt (not tight fitting)
Smart grey or black tailored trousers (no jeans / denim /lycra/ leggings/tight fitting/cropped etc)
Smart tailored grey or black dress - knee length or longer (not tight fitting)
White shirt with collar ¾ or full length sleeve (no exposed shoulders or cleavage)
The crested blazer available from Trutex Gloucester and Stroud 

Applying to all:

Extreme hair styles, including unnatural hair colours e.g. pink / blue / purple are not permitted.

For some practical subjects such as PE or Drama, teachers may wish you to wear a different set of clothes.

This is at the discretion of your teacher and will only be allowed during that lesson and not before or after.

No facial piercings or visible tattoos.

The dress code is not optional

Crested blazers can be purchased from the outlets stated below and also from their online shop.

Trutex Stroud

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