Sixth Form Careers 

STEP  1.  Complete a Self-Assessment - What are your strengths, skills, qualities, attributes.
How can you provide evidence of these?

STEP 2.   Investigate the wide range of Learning and Job Opportunities - which job roles fit your interests and abilities. Check out the Job Profiles on  Will you need to go to university or could you consider an Apprenticeship.      

STEP 3Evaluate your OPTIONS - decide upon the action needed – attend university visits and taster days and Apprenticeship Fairs.

Step 4. Decide on your career goals

Carefully consider the information you have gathered – What are your career goals for the next two/five/ten years - this helps break down the planning of your careers strategy into manageable pieces.

Set SMART objectives:

Step 5. Develop and implement your career strategy

Once you know your goals, put your career strategy into action by developing a Career Action Plan.  Remain flexible and open-minded. If you have a couple of choices, research and prepare for both.  As you progress, your ideas might become more specific.

If you would like to discuss your options further and would like help to develop a Career Action Plan, why not book a careers interview email Mrs Beeton or drop into the Careers Office.

University? Apprenticeship? 

With a wide range of post 18 options available, planning your progression from the sixth form is vital. Ensure you are well-informed about the opportunities available to you; regularly check out the range of websites on each of the pages listed below:

Building your CV

Work Experience

  Advice for your gap year