The silent book club

Once a week the library holds a lunch time reading lock-in where students are invited to bring their (cold) lunch and eat and read. The Computers are off limits for this break, and the library is a space for reading only.

The concept for this comes from examples in a number of other schools coupled with the concept of the Silent Book Club trend. This began in America in 2012 with a couple of friends who were frustrated and unhappy with the traditional book club format. The pressure to read a book within a set time frame, to read something they had no interest in and book discussion being eroded by discussions about other topics.

They decided to meet regularly with the intention to read for just an hour – having met and had a brief chat about what they were reading they then simply read for an hour or more; it has been described as ‘Introvert Happy Hour’, and has grown internationally from there.

At the moment St Peter's Lunch time lock-in, silent book club, is in its infancy both staff and students are welcome to come along at these lunch times and enjoy the opportunity to tune out of reality and tune into a book, reading in companionable silence, with an opportunity to chat at the end of the session about what they are reading if they wish to.

We are very happy to provide assistance with choosing reading material and if there is a desire to read the same book we do have a significant number of duplicate copies for some titles which students can find on the library catalogue in our Read Together collection. 

The Library Lock in takes place during break 2 on Friday of Week 1 and Monday of Week 2.