Head of Science: Mr DeYoung

Second in Science:  Mr Taylor

Head of Biology: Dr Piercy

Head of Physics: Mr Clayfield

Head of Chemistry: Dr Reynolds

Mr Freeman - BTEC Quality Nominee/ Lead verifier

Curriculum Intent:

KS3: At St. Peters, our science curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced, and several topics overlap with Geography, Maths, English, PE and RE. Our curriculum is accessible to all with support and scaffolding whilst teaching to the top with provision of stretch and challenge extend tasks.

Lessons are ambitious and reflect our high expectations of each learner as we seek to praise, encourage and enforce consistently and fairly St. Peters Behaviour for Learning policy.

As passionate teachers we aim to engage pupils, to inspire a love of learning and develop inquisitive learners. We hope to promote a growth mindset and motivate pupils into working hard.

Our overarching intent is to equip students for success at a double award GCSE in AQA Combined Science. We intend therefore to build secure foundations in skills linking to maths, literacy, communication, practical, enquiry and independent study, as well as develop pupils knowledge, from understanding to application.

Our desire is that each pupil will explore a career in STEM and leave KS3 with an adoration for the world we live in and be able to make life choices that have a positive impact on themselves, their communities and the wider world.

Ks4: The science curriculum intent it to acquire specific key scientific knowledge that meets the expectations of the national curriculum, through practical experiences and expert substantive knowledge teaching to enable pupils to make informed choices in their lives now and in the future that will help themselves, others and their environment. Pupils will be encouraged to understand how science can be used to explain how and why things occur, to predict how things will behave and analyse evidence of what has happened, while encouraging creativity and problem solving.