Readopoly reading game

Readopoply is a reading game designed to encourage regular and diverse reading. For people stuck in a reading rut it provides direction for a different read for those who avoid reading it can provide a regular reading opportunity.

Students role a dice and move around the board landing on different genre and reading spaces for each space they land on students need to read something related to what is written on the space. Students make their own note of the books that they read as they may be asked about them. A single sheet print out with instructions, a board and ideas of non-fiction titles for the genres and more can be found in the Library Folder Shared area via 24 hour school, or via this link with the password shown on the Library catalogue 'News' page. 

Readopoly board


  • Read three books in each genre to gain a ‘shelf’.
    On other squares read as instructed - 3 station reads = a shelf and so on.
    If you are not keen on stories try a quick read, graphic novel or non-fiction but try to vary the type of reading you do.
  • You need to complete a ‘read’ not just partially read something to continue i.e. a whole book, a whole article, a whole blog post, a short story… e.t.c.
  • Record what you read in the booklet. Author/Title for books also for news and magazines but include date. For online reading Author, Title, date and URL. OR use the Bookshelf bookmark.
  • Three shelves (nine reads) equals a book bay.
  • Gain a raffle ticket for each book bay gained - Raffle will be drawn at end of each term.
  • One side of the board completed will earn the ROCK Reading Challenge award.
  • ? Chance cards if you land on a question mark square ask in the library for a chance card and follow the instructions. If you are playing at home or can't get to the library you can follow the instructions on the printed sheet for a roll of a dice.
  • To gain a raffle or a prize/treat you need to track your reading and expect to be asked about what you have read!