'Catch up' funding

Spend and Review of Catch Up Premium Funding 2016-2017

For 2016-2017 SPHS received £18,500 to support those students who did not meet the required standard in English and maths at the end of Key Stage 2. A new initiative was trialled for this year which saw the creation of an additional nurture group. The group followed a highly differentiated curriculum with a focus on literacy and numeracy skills. A group of staff were identified and time allocated on their timetable with additional resourcing of differentiated materials. The group ran for four terms until Easter 2017 when the group returned to mainstream classroom settings. Additional staffing was then utilised to offer focused support for these students. This was to ensure a positive transition back in to the main curriculum and to maintain a high level of support. Staff used were all qualified teaching staff and included a SEN specialist as well as experienced staff.

Headline Analysis 2016-2017

2 students in the cohort left and moved to another setting. No students involved in the interventions were below target as of July 2017 with all students being at least ‘Working Towards’ target and therefore making expected progress. 6 students were ‘Exceeding Target’ in both English and maths as of July 2017.

7 further students were ‘Exceeding Target’ in either English or maths.

Planned Spend and Provision for Catch Up Premium Funding 2017-2018 – Projected Spend £18000

For 2017-2018 the intention is to create an additional set in maths and English to ensure that identified students are in a very small, highly differentiated and supported group.

In English, a specialist English TA has adjusted the English curriculum to allow access and to focus on progress. Additional software is being embedded with the intention of developing access in English to support student learning and progress. Read Write Gold software will support the target group in Y7 to be able to demonstrate their knowledge and enhance a range of skills that they can utilise in exam conditions in the future.

Four key staff are being identified to be trained and deliver ‘Catch up Numeracy and Literacy’ during the Autumn Term. This will be taught in small groups of four from the targeted group. Additional screening software (LUCID and CATs have been bought in to identify any specific needs and to measure progress for targeted group).