Head of Psychology Mr R Hood

At St Peter’s RC High School, our mission in the Psychology department is supporting and challenging students as they develop their ability to think as scientists about psychological research. Psychology students at St Peter’s work on understanding concepts, theories, studies and methods that psychologists have used in the scientific study of the mind, behaviour and experience. Students develop expertise in the skill of using appropriate terms to describe psychological research and develop high levels of evaluation skills as they discuss psychological research.  Students develop morally through the study of the ethics of research, including issues and controversies in research. We believe that the study of psychology is an essential part of the sixth form experience as the subject provides an unmatched opportunity for intellectual stimulation as well as the opportunity to develop important life skills and academic skills. The study of psychology also enables students to engage with discussing solutions to challenges in society that affect all of us. We owe a great deal to the work of psychologists. A recent example was how the study of human thinking and decision making contributed to the roll out of the Covid 19 vaccine and continues to contribute to efforts to widen uptake of the vaccine. The Edinburgh University social psychologist Steve Reicher was part of the SAGE advisory group that helped to shape our national response to the pandemic and regularly appeared on national media to comment on the psychological aspects of relaxing restrictions, mask wearing on public transport etc. With such excellent and inspiring examples of research we can understand why our students are committed and passionate about studying psychology, viewing the subject as enjoyable and inspiring as well as academically challenging.

Mr Hood has worked with sixth form students at St Peter’s High School since joining the Psychology department in 2003 as a trainee. Mr Hood has responsibility for teaching the A Level Psychology course and the BTec Extended Certificate Applied Psychology course during 2021-22. Mrs Frampton taught with great distinction in the department until recently deciding to move to another local school to take up a Head of Psychology post. Mr Hood will therefore take all of the lessons for the Year 12 and Year 13 groups until we are successful in finding a replacement for Mrs Frampton.  Our previous classroom base was demolished as part of the extensive improvements to the sixth form study facilities. In the psychology department we are delighted both with a very impressive study area that psychology students can now use during study periods, as well as with the various classrooms that we now use for lessons. Most of our A Level lessons are taught in the S3 classroom in the sixth form centre; students can also find books and back copies of Psychology Review in this classroom. We are currently working on organising proper storage of our department library in S3. All of the Applied Psychology lessons are held in the H1 IT classroom, which can be found in the History block. 

A Level Psychology  Btec Applied Psychology