St Peter’s School Uniform Y7-11

All of our uniform clothing items are available from Monkhouse in Gloucester

Ordering new uniform 2021: for all students there is an appointment based booking system for buying uniform here: Monkhouse website.

Please click here for an update regarding ordering of uniform for 2021


All students:

  • White shirt with top button done up and shirt tucked into trousers or skirt. No tops showing underneath.
  • Ties worn at a suitable length
  • Bottle green ‘V’ neck jumpers. Plain jumpers for Y7-9. Crested jumpers for Y10-11.
  • Bottle green blazer with gold trim for Y7-9.
  • Bottle green skirt (available from Monkhouse only). Hem of skirt must sit on the knee.
  • With skirt, plain tights in dark green, black, flesh or natural colour, or socks in green or white.
  • Trousers can be worn by all students. Must be black or dark charcoal grey. Must be of the straight leg style in a polyester/cotton mix. Cannot be of lycra material and cannot be tight or too skinny in the leg. We recommend the following: Banner or Innovation (black label) for boys and David Luke for girls (available from Monkhouse).
    From September 2020, all Y7 and Y8 students must wear the crested trousers (available from Monkhouse).
  • With trousers, plain dark black or dark green ankle or knee socks (not trainer socks).


  • Suitable closed black or brown leather shoes with a low heel. No boots, no trainers or trainer style shoes.

Top coats

  • Waterproof, warm coats suitable for school wear.
  • No leather, denim, coats with logos, sweatshirt material or fashion hoodies allowed.
  • Crested school hoodie (available from the online shop) is allowed but must be worn over the blazer.

PE kit and school hoodies

Parents and guardians can now purchase a wide range of sports kit and school hoodies via O'Neill's by following this link.

1/2 Price Uniform Sales

FOSPA collect and sell on any uniform parents wish to donate to the school, all monies raised from the sales go back to the school to fund a range of resources from science equipment to books for the library.

Please donate second hand uniform (including rugby and football boots) to reception where it will be collected.


If in doubt as to what will be acceptable, please contact the school before any action is taken or decision is made.


(scroll to the bottom for examples of unacceptable hair styles)

  • Hair should be suitable for the office/workplace.
  • Hair must be one sober colour only. No highlights or contrasting blocks of colour allowed.
  • No extremes of length such as length on top of head and sides/back shaved.
  • No tramlines or other designs.
  • The final decision on whether hair is acceptable will be at the discretion of the senior Vice Principal


  • Students may wear a pair of small gold or silver metal ear lobe studs (only) one in each ear. They should be gold or silver in colour without any gemstones, real or artificial.
  • Earrings are to be removed or taped up at the discretion of staff where they present a potential safety hazard.
  • No other jewellery or piercings are allowed.


  • Students are not to wear makeup or nail varnish to school.
  • Acrylic nails are not allowed.


  • Tattoos are illegal for under 18s and are not allowed