E-Safety: Content

The World Wide Web can be a great resource of information. Whether it is used to complete homeoworks or using Google maps to find the location of a friends house, the Internet is one stop shop for information. The ability to share information online is getting ever easier, whether it is through a website, chat room, blog or a social network. The governance of what is being uploaded is difficult to control as different countries and religions see different types of content acceptable/unacceptable.  It is therefore essential to prevent information which could be considered offence away from the childrens eyes. 

There are many ways in which children can access electronic information, through Personal Computers, Laptops, Tablets (Apple IPad, Tesco Hudl, Samsung Tab, etc.), mobile phones (including Smart Phones), game consoles (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS). Any device that enables the user to access the internet or communicate with others. It is possible to prevent children from accessing this information by putting a filter in place.  Below are a few examples on how to prevent your children from seeing information which they would not normally have access to in their day to day lives.







(Child as recipent)

Personal info
Violent/hateful content Pornographic or unwelcome sexual content

Misleading info or advice


PC and Laptops

Personal Computers and laptops are still the most used devices today. To be aware of how to control the content that these devices display is not as complicated as you may think. There are hundreds of different brands of alaptops and PCs, for these devices to work for the purpose of accessing the internet, creating documents or resources, they need an operating system. Luckily there are very few Operating Systems (Windows, OS, Chrome) around which makes having control of these devices easier than first thought.

PCs and Laptops running the Windows Operating System are by far common, yet it is important to consider that there are different versions. The 2 most common versions are Windows 7 and Windows 8 (Newest) and Microsoft have provide many solutions to control children’s access to the PCs and Laptop themselves in additional to the other services provided, such as games and the internet.

Windows 7


Windows 8


 Those of you that own an apple device like a MacBook or an IMac will need to look at the video below as the Operating system used is called OS X:

The newest Operating System which is gaining an increased popularity is Chrome, produced by Google. Though there are parental controls available there are no official guides on how to activate them.

Tablet and Mobile Phones

Tablet devices usage has grown significantly over the past few years. The prices of these devices can vary substantially depending on numerous factors (including brand and functionality). Like PC and Laptops there are only 2 main Operating systems used, IOS and Android. Though Microsoft do have tablets (Surfaces) these can be parentally controlled following the windows 8 information above

The ios operating system is used in Apples tablets as well as their mobile phones. It is important to be aware the operating system gets updated every year under a new version number, at the time of writing IOS 8 has been recently released (Link). The link below provides a step by step guide on how to control various aspects of the operating system, like installing/deleting apps, making purchases in the app store.

 IOS Parental Controls

 Like Apples Operating system for modern mobile devices Google has an operating system for both Tablets and Mobile Phones. The Android Operating System can be found on the majority of Mobile phones used in the UK (Unless they are Apple or Microsoft phones). Like the IOS, the android operating system regularly sees new updates, which may change where the parental controls are found.  As for their Operating System, at the moment now official documentation is available on parental control, however there are many websites and videos which provide guidance.

 Like most things there are Apps for parental control, Kids Place is one. A video demonstrating how it can be used can be found here.

Game Consoles

You may not be aware but Game Consoles could allow your children to access content which is not age appropriate nor socially acceptable.  They could be accessing this information from Games, The internet, DVDs, Blu-Rays etc. Many of these consoles provide the users of these devices to control what is being seen.

 PlayStation have provide a web page which instructs parents on how to place the different sources under parental control called Parental Lock.

Console Parental Control
 PlayStation 3  Link 
 PlayStation 4   Link

 Xbox have provided not only a webpage which can provide you with information but also a video which helps to guide you through putting restrictions in place on an Xbox 360 . If you are having difficulty seeing the movie on this page please click here


Xbox have provide a step by step guide on how to put parental controls in place for the Xbox One, at this time there is no video in place, however when it is done, the video will be uploaded on to this page.


Console Parental Control
Xbox 360 Link
 Xbox One Link