PAL - Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Key Stage Four – Alternative Curriculum

For a very small number of students a ‘mainstream’ G.C.S.E pathway is not appropriate. Strictly by invitation and following consultation with parents/carers we oversee an S.E.N.D. Alternative Curriculum pathway.

This will usually involve around ten students who have most of their lessons as a discreet group being taught largely by teachers with SEND expertise.

Subjects offered are at either Entry Level or Level One with the option to move to G.C.S.E level in Maths, English and Science where appropriate. 

Within Alternative Curriculum there are not subject ‘options’ but we endeavour to offer subjects which will prepare students for post 16 and beyond as well as giving them a range of skills.

Subjects currently offered are –

English, Maths, Science, RE, I-Media (ICT), Food/Craft and a Certificated Life Skills program – ASDAN.

Students on the Alternative pathway will remain in their form groups for Study Skills, Citizenship and will also remain in core PE.

Key Stage Three – Key Skills

At the end of Y7 students who are identified as needing further and intense literacy support are invited to join Key Skills. The students are identified through internal data from subject areas and additional standardised assessment linked to reading and wider literacy skills. The students are taught in small groups, presently between five and 12 students, being withdrawn from MFL in discussion with parents, students and the MFL department.

The highly differentiated literacy curriculum focuses upon building on the skills necessary for good literacy and access to the wider curriculum and beyond to support students in their confidence and progress.  

The course focuses on phonics, reading in context, comprehension, language acquisition, spelling and writing and draws on a range of resources and strategies to meet the needs of the group.