Tenner Challenge- Young entrepreneurs in sweet taste of success!

Tenner Challenge Sweet SuccessStudents at St.Peter’s have been taking part in the young enterprise scheme called “Tenner Challenge”. This involves the students borrowing an initial stake of £10 from the Business Studies department and planning a small business or project using the money. The challenge lasts for 4 weeks and involves trying to make as much profit as possible.

We have had ten groups of students taking part in this year’s challenge from years 7-10. A wide variety of projects have been organised including cake sales, selling sweets and popcorn, guess how many sweets in the jar, dog walking, selling refreshments at sporting fixtures and making Jewellery.

Two year 10 students, Eyhana Hennessy and Maya-Lewis Chaplin have been the most successful. In four weeks, they have managed to generate a magnificent profit of £215!! A percentage of this profit has been donated to a Guide dog charity.

“ I am very proud of all of the students who took part and showed such amazing effort. They have all developed invaluable enterprise skills and can use their experiences in later life. A particularly big well done has to go to Maya and Eyhana for their superb profit total but also to Zoe and Demetrious in year 7 who made a very respectable £80 in profit”

Mr Versaci

Head of Business and Economics

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