Thank you letter from the Filipino Women’s Association (UK)

Mr Hudson has received the following letter thanking the school for the work carried out  and the funds raised by the Philippines 24 hour challenge group:

Dear Mr Hudson,

It is my pleasure to say thank you on behalf of the Board of Executives and Trustees of The Filipino Women Association –UK (FWA-UK).

The charitable work of St. Peter’s RC High School is magnificent, your generosity is much appreciated and in the past 2 years of your fund raising many have benefitted.

None can have been more deeply appreciative of your kindness than we are.

Your donation of £2620.55 will serve to remind us of the high regard in which FWA-UK service to charity is held by St. Peter’s RC High School.

The money raised will go towards providing for more scholars at ERDA TECH located in Metro Manila.

Father Pierre Tritz, a French Jesuit priest founded Erda Foundation in 1974 to help thousands of poor children go through elementary school, and with several group following its example, Father Tritz turned his attention to the poor children aged 13 years and above.

Noting the scarcity of adequately-equipped technical schools in Metro Manila, Fr. Tritz decided it was the right time to establish a technical school where poor but deserving youth are provided the opportunity of a free (through Sponsorship) high school education and training in employable technical skills.

So in 1994 Fr. Tritz, together with Erda Foundation, founded Erda Technical and Vocation Secondary School (ERDA TECH) to keep students in school and equip them with sufficient knowledge and skills to help them escape from the deprivation of poverty.                                                                                              

Our Association has sent several scholars to ERDA TECH and this year we approved 4 more Scholars. Your donation is earmarked to be used in this way. The Education and Grants Committee Chairperson Clarita Richardson and our Treasurer, Elvira Phillips will be in Manila, Philippines this month to meet with our scholars at ERDA TECH and with their principals.

Please relay our sincere appreciation to all those who have participated in your fundraising and we hope you will continue to support us in the manner you so willingly did in the past.

With All Our Best Wishes to you and all at St. Peter’s RC High School,

Yours sincerely,

Nenita Garrad

Chairman, Board of Executives and Trustees, on behalf of FWA-UK


Thanks to all the students, staff, friends and parents who have supported this fund-raising over the last three years.