New Year 7 in September 2018 Reading Road Booklet information

Reading for pleasure is an important pastime that many students don't do or find difficult to fit into their lives when they start secondary school. Reading becomes a habit which is easily abandoned for an easy option of playing a computer game or watching T.V. The benefits of reading for pleasure are amazing for all ages; however, if the habit is lost, reading can become more laborious.  

Reading for pleasure is reading outside of the classroom - reading for yourself.

Reading for pleasure is not just reading fiction and books, it is all reading that entertains or leads to gained understanding of a subject; it could be a book or a newspaper, a blog or a comic.

Reading is a skill that needs practice.

The best way to encourage your child to read for pleasure is to set an example and read yourself and share your reading journey with them by sharing what you have read.

To encourage our new year 7 students to keep reading through the summer holiday, they each received a Reading Road booklet and a ‘Get Caught Reading’ postcard on the recent year 6 day.   There are some straightforward and manageable activities in the booklet covering what students like to read and what interests them. We also set an additional challenge to safely get caught reading in an unusual place, a place that relates to what they are reading or in a favourite reading spot.  Students will be expected to share some of their summer reading activities with their form in the autumn term.

There are also form prizes for the best Caught Reading picture and the Reading Road will count towards the schools ROCK Award scheme.

If your child has mislaid or lost their Reading Road Booklet you can print a new one here.