New Parent Governors

The three parents elected as Parent Governors to serve on the Governing Body are:

Ms Shireen Bhaiyat

Candidate statement:

I am standing for election for parent governor because I want to represent you, and all the other parents in the school, as we aim to give our children the best opportunities in life. I have twin boys who are currently both in Year 8 at St Peters High School, both my children are enjoying the educational opportunities offered at the school. My own background is working as a front line practitioner to safeguard children and families. Prior to going university I have had experience within the educational system by being a Learning support worker, and working with vulnerable children and families. I am currently in a leadership position within the County Council to ensure children’s needs are met and the voice of the child is heard. My practice within a front line Local Authority setting has ensured that children are at the forefront of my practice. I believe the experience and skills I have gained will support the school immensely.

If you choose me to as a parent governor I’ll be committed to the role, the meetings and the training around it. I want to reflect your views and will listen out for these and put them forward. Education works best when the school works together with parents and I want to help the school build the strongest partnerships with parents and the wider community. I’d like to strengthen even further the quality of communication between the school and parents, share positive feedback from you, raise issues, and make sure we can support all the children at St Peters high school to get the very best.

Mrs Cathleen Burden

Candidate statement:

I am a former pupil of St Peter’s and am proud to say since the year 2000 my three eldest children have also attended the school from Year 7 to Sixth Form and my youngest child has just started in Year 7.  My three older children enjoyed their time at school and left to pursue successful careers with one currently attending the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire studying music.

I am a mental health nurse, based in the community and now feel it is the right time to give something back to St Peter’s.  The school has always had a fantastic community spirit and offers students the opportunity to leave having achieved their potential both academically and emotionally.

I believe my experience as a pupil and as a parent gives me a unique insight into the school and would be honoured to serve as a Governor at this crucial time for the school.

Mrs Louise Page

Candidate statement:

I have had three children in St Peters Secondary School. Two are former pupils and one is currently in year 9.  I believe strongly in the principles of St peters school. I believe all children should achieve the highest standards of education in order to optimise the best outcomes. St Peters has a very mixed ability population and strives to ensure all levels of abilities are given the appropriate provisions to meet their needs.

I am passionate about the mental health of our young people and have been impressed with the ROCK initiative. I am a firm believer in promoting the emotional resilience in our young people.  I have worked in Mental health for 30 years. I work with criminal Justice but previously I have worked with CYPS and Hospital education service. My role in these services would often involve liaison and assessments in various schools in Gloucestershire. The latter services has consistently achieved outstanding in their OFSTED inspections. I have extensive experience of working with self-harm and the impact of this on the person and their families.  My Husband is a primary school teacher and various members of my family are in teaching and leadership roles in education so I am aware of the education system as a parent, from my professional life and in private life. I would like to have the opportunity to apply for the role of governor and look forward to the challenges this role would provide in this time of great change for the school.