Marathon Kids Update December 2020


3131 Miles to Bethlehem - 7 days to go...

December 4th 2020

The PE departent have been participating in a national competition known as "marathon kids". The aim of this challenge is as follows: 

"We created the initiative to help encourage as many kids as possible to keep active during lockdown, and we are hugely thankful to Nike for supporting us with the sports equipment, their athlete Richard Whitehead for lending his voice to the cause at the start and the teachers who have kept the nation’s children moving".

The Challenge was document on the school website here

I'm really pleased to tell you all that St Peters has won this national competition, covering roughly 20km per student - earning £1,000 worth of Nike equipment for the school.

From the start to finish, the strength of community in our school has been something we are very proud of as a department. From November the 13th and the 2nd of December, we started to track every lap of the AstroTurf's 300m perimeter completed in a 6-minute period of our lessons. By the deadline, we managed to log 2450.8 miles as a school. On the way, we've learnt lots about our students and cannot express the amount of pupils who have come to do "bonus laps" for the cause. For some of these individuals, this is not something that comes easy to them.

As a catholic school, Miss Baker has further challenged us to continue this pursuit by running to Bethlehem for Christmas, so we look forward to (hopefully) getting there for you all. In the long term, Marathon kids has transformed our practice, as we aim to continue this for different religious purposes, charities, and adventures over the following years.

The official message can be found on the attached website below.