Badgers and Hedgehogs

Twenty of our Year 7 students had been preparing to perform in our Choral Society concert. The music department managed to get 8 pupils to send videos and 2 to send audio tracks from their homes. I’m sure you will agree that the result is delightful: 


The composer, Andrew Carter, was delighted to give his permission for this recording, sent a lovely video message to the students and, after hearing the recording, emailed to say the following: 

Brilliant!  My family and I have very much enjoyed your Badgers and Hedgehogs video, with the visible eight and the invisible two. A really cracking performance, which is no surprise at all, super diction, beautifully in tune, just the right mood and fantastically together, which is a miracle of modern hi-tech, but also a mark of your team determination.
Very well done, each and every one of you young singers and terrific thanks to Mrs. Perfect for getting it and you together in these strange times.
Now you've had some practice, you might persuade Mrs P to tackle something else. Great fun! Thank you!

I’m sure you’ll appreciate how tricky it is to come up with a successful video recording done in this way so thank you to the music department, in particular Mrs Perfect and Mr Figliola, and the students involved