Anna McGurk bursary 2018

Applications for this years Anna McGurk bursary are now open to students - Senior award open to applications from year 12, junior award open to applications from years 8 - 10.

Anna was a former student of St Peter’s who was tragically murdered on her way home from work in 1991, not long after leaving St Peter’s.  Her family have set up the bursary in her memory, so that something good comes from something so tragic.

The awards are intended to support students celebrate something positive in their life.

This could be something they do educationally (for books, musical instruments, sports kit, software)

It could be something they do in recreationally (hobbies; anything from ballroom dancing to bird-watching)

There is a maximum amount available of £500; any amount up to this can be requested

Students complete the application form available in Reception or download it here.

They need to get a reference from someone (tutor, sports coach, music teacher, dance teacher), anyone who can support their application

The judges want a brief description of their chosen talent, interest or ability, showing your enthusiasm, passion and drive

They want to know how much money would make a difference to the student

They want to know how the money will help them progress

They would like feedback from you in 6 months time as to how the money is helping 

Get the application in to Reception by Lunchtime Friday 18th May 2018

For further information see Mrs Beamish, Mrs Roche, Mr Edwards or Miss Ridout

Let’s help make something POSITIVE come out of something so negative, and keep Anna’s memory living at St Peter’s.