Adebanji Alade visit to ST Peter's

A number of Year 10 students spent a day out of lessons yesterday with One Shows' Adebanji Alade as part of the schools celebration of Black History Month organised by Mrs N Roberts-Moore.

Students learnt about Adebanji Alade’s portrait painting style and he demonstrated how he works. Students then chose their own famous/iconic figure to produce a portrait of using the techniques they had learnt.

"The students and Art department had all an awesome day. Adebanji was amazingly talented, enthusiastic and really inspired the students. They got so much from the day, most students stayed and worked through lunch  by their own choice and Adebanji actually had to physically go round the room and take the paint brushes out of their hands as they would not pack up at the end of the day. They loved it!!!"  Mrs Ginette Baker (Head of Art)