Main School Library

The Main Library is an open space with a mezzanine computing area.

The library has a range of fiction books for all reading abilities and interests from The Diary of the Wimpy Kid and Roald Dahl through Jacqueline Wilson and Michael Morpurgo to Jane Austin and Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games series and all sorts in between.

The non-fiction stock covers materials to support the curriculum and to challenge the interests of students with the Guinness Book of records, the Horrible Histories and Sports books being popular.

The main library is open from 8.00 am, during break times and until 5 pm from Monday to Friday during term time.

Borrowing, reserving & requesting books:

You may borrow 2 books for 2 weeks - Loans can be renewed. If a book is not in stock students and staff can request its purchase. If a student is a keen reader we will consider extending the number of loans they have on an individual basis.

Overdue Notices 

We do not charge for late return of books. If a book is late we send a reminder; if a book is not returned after 3 reminders we assume the student has lost the book and an invoice for the r.r.p. (recommended retail price) is sent to their parents. If a book is returned damaged, an invoice will also be sent.

  • v 1st warning from tutor,
  • v 2nd email to student and tutor.
  • v 3rd final notice letter and invoice to parents = negative SIMS and Ban from borrowing.

If book comes back or is replaced all is forgiven!
We encourage students to come and talk to us if a book has been damaged or lost as we can avoid sending invoices and charging the full cost of a replacement book in many cases.

All year students in year 7 receive an induction to the library service in September when they start.