MFL - Modern Foreign Languages

Did you know that only 6% of the world’s population speak English as a first language? In the United Kingdom alone, over 300 languages are spoken by children as their mother tongue. At St Peter’s, we offer Spanish and French from Key Stage 3 through to A Level, with a dedicated team that is passionate about inspiring our students to pursue languages. We also offer Polish as a GCSE and A Level option for native speakers.

Both French, Spanish and Polish are popular GCSE option choices, with an uptake at GCSE higher than the national average.  This summer, 85% of students achievedd a grade 5 or higher in the new French and Spanish GCSE, including four Grade 9s.  In Polish, 100% of the students achieved the top grade.

Current staffing:

Mrs J. Beamish – Head of Department       
Miss C. Edwards – 2nd in Department         
Mrs L Barker                                               
Miss K. Foley                                               
Mrs Y. Stephens                                          
Mrs J Vertannes                                          
Mrs A Watorska                                          

We also work in partnership with trainees from the Universities of Gloucestershire and Bristol each academic year.

                         French Flag       Spanish Flag

Polish Flag