MFL - Key stage 3

All students in Key Stage 3 do EITHER French OR Spanish, depending on the form group they are in.*  Teaching is in mixed-ability form groups in Year 7, changing to sets in Years 8 and 9.  Students receive four lessons per fortnight.  It is expected that homework will be set once per fortnight, with a strong focus on vocabulary learning.  We are also promoting the concept of “flipped learning”, encouraging students to prepare for the forthcoming lesson by looking over and potentially learning the words and phrases they will need.

*Please note that form groups in Year 7 are generally allocated on a friendship basis.  If you have a particular preference for a language, please advise the Admissions Officer, although we are unable to guarantee any choices.

Assessment policy

Students are assessed three times per year in line with the school policy. Every homework is based on what students learn in class, with each assessment designed to prepare students for their future exams. These include GCSE-style speaking questions, translations and writing tasks, which are all included in the new GCSE exam.