MFL Key Stage 4

Years 10 and 11 are taught in mixed ability groups, receiving 5 lessons per fortnight.

We follow the AQA GCSE syllabus, with the majority of students entering the Higher paper at the end of Year 11.

Assessment policy

Students undertake three formal assessments per year in line with school policy.  In addition, they are expected to complete fortnightly homework tasks, which will focus on vocabulary acquisition and grammar.  Additional homework may be given at the teacher’s discretion.  At the end of Year 11, students complete a Speaking test with their class teacher, as well as Listening, Reading, and Writing papers, each of which contributes 25% towards the final GCSE grade.

Themes studied in both languages include:

  1. Identity and culture
  2. Local, national and global areas of interest
  3. Current and future study and employment

Students are encouraged to purchase the GCSE Grammar and Translation Workbook at a cost of £5, in order to support their learning and aid their revision.

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