Online Resources to Support Learning

The School Library subscribes to an number of resources online these can be accessed from the library pages on the website: follow the link and you will be prompted for a password - email and we can send you the password to access these. There are also a range of websites catalogued on the Library Management System that can be accessed in school.

Gloucestershire Public Libraries also provide their patrons with access to free online reference resources as well as e-books and magazines (if you live outside of Gloucestershire most Public libraries offer similar services just google them) Find out more here:  Gloucestershire Libraries Virtual Reference Centre including links to Free e-magazines: and e-books - not a member you can join the county libraries online

Gloucestershire Libraries Life in Lockdown Project

A Life in Lockdown: In Your Words” is Gloucestershire Libraries’ exciting new project to share Lockdown stories online.

It is a platform for Gloucestershire communities to share their experiences of the last few months. Whatever your age or ability, tell us about life in lockdown in your own style, create personal or fictional stories, poetry, blogs, vlogs, comic strips, films or animation and send your creations to us at Gloucestershire Libraries. We are partnering with a number of other organisations including the Museum of Gloucester and the University of Gloucester to collate submissions which Gloucestershire Archives will store for posterity along with their own collection of people’s journals and official national and local government documents. The Museum’s project uses photography for its medium and the University is collecting material from it’s own community for their archives.

50 films to see by 15 from the BFI (British Film Institute) 
- Stream films that the BFI have identified as must sees before your 15th Birthday 
Barrington Stoke booklet for parents and carers at home to help dyslexic children learn.

   Websites for information on COVID-19 & Support for Wellbeing Keep informed with news sources and fact checkers

   Independent Study Skills & Online courses  Useful resources for Sixth Form Students  Cross Subject General Resources  Resources for EnglishResources for writing  Reading and book resources Resources for French & Spanish (and other languages)

  Resources for History  Resources for Geography Resources for RE Psychology & Sociology 

  Resources for Business, Economics & Politics Resources for Mathematics Resources for Science

  Resources for Computing and ICT Resources for P.E. & Sport Resources fro Music & Drama  

   Resources for Art & Photography  Websites for Younger people & Fun Activities for all

These resources were collated from a number of lists and information systems my thanks to Ms Hill of Kings Langley School Hertfordshire, The School Library Association, LSE, IFLA group, SLN and various Facebook groups.

Be kind to yourself ………

  • Not everyone will be coping well during this unprecedented time.
  • It is okay and we want you to know that you are never alone.
  • If you want or need to reach out please know that there is a multitude of support to help.
  • If you are struggling please feel free to contact any of the numbers to the left or our Pastoral Team on 01452 520 594