Level 2 Vocational Business & GCSE Business Studies

Year 10 and 11 Vocational pathway

OCR L2 Cambridge Technical in Business, Enterprise & Marketing (1 X GCSE)

  • 66% Coursework
  • 33% Examination (January Year 11)

Unit 1Introduction to Business and Enterprise; Ownership, types of contracts, skills, types of customers, researched a variety of entrepreneurs, their characteristics and how they have become successful and explore three potential business ideas. This unit is studied throughout year 10 and examined in January of Year 11.

In Year 10 and 11, alongside preparing for an examination students also carryout 2 separate pieces of coursework. The first coursework allows students to design a new product and consider who the target market is and how costs can affect the success of a new product. The final piece of coursework asks students to create a brand for the product produced in the previous task and pitch it a group of business managers. 

Year 10 and 11 GCSE pathway

GCSE WJEC Business Studies

  • 100% Exam (Summer Year 11)

Students will study Unit 1The Business Framework, which involves understanding how businesses start and the functions of the entrepreneur. They will also study Unit 2Businesses and their Customers. This focuses on marketing and requires the students to demonstrate an understanding of the product life cycle and other strategies.

In Year 11 the students move on to study Unit 3Producing Goods and Services. This topic involves production, the importance of location and functional departments in a business. Unit 4 is about Human Resource Planning which focuses on the recruitment process and the importance of selecting the correct staff. 

Extra-Curricular and resources:





Nandos Challenge – Earn extra points and win a prize (see teacher for more details)