KS3 Science

At St Peters RC High School, we are committed to ensuring that your children have a full and well-rounded education.

In year 7 we take the student through a journey of science mastery from Working Scientifically to the Fundamentals of Particles, Forces, Cells, Energy, Interdependence and the practicalities of separating out mixtures. This is a tailored course that has been adapted from Activate Science. We have implemented the latest thinking on evidence based teaching research to sequence and teach a broad knowledge rich curriculum.

In year 8 we continue to follow the Activate Science KS3 course. This has been carefully selected to offer the rigour needed by the elite and the differentiated tasks which enable all students to access the curriculum. Practical study is woven throughout the course to encourage hands on learning and develop key Lab technique and skills.

During the year pupils will study various aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

The majority of our pupils will begin their GCSEs in year 9. In our commitment to providing tailored learning for all, we also offer an extended KS3 curriculum for pupils who we feel are not quite ready to take on the rigors of KS4 GCSE content. In this preparatory course students consolidate learning and given foundation teaching in GCSE content. Pupils are also given the opportunity to carry out a series of practical investigation designed to emulate the practical skills and write up techniques that will be required during GCSE controlled assessment.

If you would like to find out more about the KS3 science program or the resources we use please do not hesitate in contacting us via email: ptaylor@sphs.uk.com

KS3 Learning Objectives

KS3 Summary