KS5 Diploma in Tourism

What's it all about?

What makes this course different to most A Level courses is that you take an external exam at the end of Year 12 and 50% of the course is coursework 

Course Content:

Year 12:

UNIT 1: - The United Kingdom Tourism Product – external exam in May 2021

This unit will look at what the UK offers inbound and domestic tourists and how UK tourism has developed in recent years. It is about understanding what the UK offers to inbound and domestic tourists and it is about appreciating the range of employment opportunities available in the tourism industry

UNIT 2: - Worldwide Tourism Destinations – coursework

This unit will look at what affects our choice for foreign holiday destinations – you have to study ONE short haul and ONE long haul destination. Students will plan guides and marketing materials for a destination

Year 13:

UNIT 3: - The Dynamics of Tourism – external exam in May 2022 

This unit will look at how tourism has changed to meet customer needs

UNIT4: - Event Planning – coursework

This unit will look at the ancillary services that are provided to support the tourism industry – and you will have to plan a trip which you have the opportunity to go on!

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