Information about reopening March 2021

We are really looking forward to welcoming all our students back to face to face teaching in school. 

Cashless catering
Please remember to top up your son/daughter’s catering account ready for their return. Students entitled to free school meals should continue to access a free meal as usual.

Testing and self-testing
You should have received the dates for the testing of year groups of students and their start date for face to face teaching. Please remember that students in years 7 to 11 cannot be tested if we have not received your consent. After 3 tests in school, your child will be supplied with testing kits so that they can self-test twice a week at home.

School attendance is again mandatory for all pupils. Only clinically extremely vulnerable pupils who have been advised to shield by a medical professional should stay at home. (Please email a copy of the shielding letter if we have not already received it.)

System of controls
It remains important that staff and students adhere to the systems of controls which have been in place since the Autumn term. These include:

  • Ensuring students and staff with symptoms of C-19 (high temperature, new persistent cough, change to sense of taste or smell) do not attend school
  • Frequent and thorough washing of hands
  • Wearing of face coverings (more on this below)
  • Increased cleaning, including of frequently touched surfaces
  • Good respiratory hygiene (‘catch it, bin it, kill it approach’)
  • Minimising contact by students staying in year group bubbles
  • Maintaining social distancing between staff and students
  • Keeping spaces well ventilated
  • Minimising visitors to the school meaning parents should not attend school during the school day and only attend before/after school if they have an appointment with a member of staff.
  • Students should attend with their own equipment (coat, bag, pencil case with pens, pencils, ruler, rubber, calculator etc)

Information & reminders for full reopening from March 8th

School uniform. See webpage for details: 

  • Students are expected to attend in full school uniform every day.
  • Students will no longer wear P.E. kit to school on days when they have P.E. and will instead change into P.E. kit in school.
  • School uniform does not need to be cleaned more than usual or using different methods
  • The only jewellery allowed is two (one in each ear) small plain studs (no stones, hoops etc). Nail varnish is not allowed.
  • Students are expected to attend wearing school shoes and not trainers
  • Hairstyles and colour should be in accordance with the expectation on the website (one sober colour, no extreme styles, no tramlines etc)
  • Mobile phones must be switched off and put away from 9.00 until student dismissal.
  • Students are expected to wear the small coloured badge which indicates their year group

Summer uniform after the Easter holidays
After Easter, students usually wear green crested polo shirts rather than the winter uniform of a white shirt and tie. Last year school was closed for the whole of the summer term and we realise that families may not have purchased polo shirts or may not want to purchase them for their child to wear them for a relatively short time.

Therefore, after Easter this year students may either continue to wear their white shirt and tie OR may wear a crested polo shirt if you have already purchased them/ have ones which fit.

Students in secondary schools have been expected to wear face coverings on buses, in shops, on arrival to school, when moving around the premises, when moving from classroom to classroom and when moving from classroom to catering areas.

The DfE are now recommending that face coverings should be kept on in classrooms when social distancing cannot be maintained so students will need to keep their face coverings on during lessons. The DfE state that this advice will be reviewed at Easter.

Students who are exempt from wearing face coverings because of a physical impairment or disability, illness or mental health difficulties will be issued with a lanyard which they must wear at all times so that all staff know that they are exempt.

Students must have their own mask, either reusable or disposable.

Year group bubbles
Year group bubbles minimise contact and mixing between groups of students and these will continue. Students within year group bubbles should try to keep apart from others and should definitely not touch each other. As staff are moving between bubbles to teach, students must keep a minimum of 2 metres distance from staff.

Students who deliberately flout the rules (e.g. by breaking the year group bubble or by spitting at others) will be sanctioned in accordance with the school’s behaviour policy.

Students who do not wear a mask or fail to wear it properly will be required to attend a same day after school detention.

Changes to the school day from Monday 8th March

(KS3 students at home w/b 8th March will follow these times also as staff will be in school and can’t teach some groups on the new timetable and some on the old)

We had already planned to change the break / lunch arrangements in January. This is to slightly lengthen break, to shorten the two lunches (staggered to reduce student contact outside bubbles) and to give students in years 8 and 9 a better experience at lunchtime.

In the Autumn term, Year 7 were able to purchase food in the canteen at break and at lunch (when they had the dining hall to themselves). This was to ensure that they settled in well to their new school. We now need to give year 8 and 9 students a better experience at lunchtime.

The new arrangements are as follows and will be clearly explained to students on their return.

Please note that year 7 will now need to bring in a snack, if desired, for first break and that they are on first lunch.

Please note that year 9 may now purchase food from the canteen during first break and that they are now on second lunch.

The School Day from 8th March 2021

Registration:                  09.00 – 9.10
Period 1:                         09.15 – 10.05
Period 2:                         10.10 – 11.00
Break:                             11.00 – 11.30
Period 3:                         11.30 – 12.20
Period 4a/Lunch 1:        12.25 – 13.15    (7, 8, 10, 12, 13)
Period 4b/Lunch 2:        13.20 – 14.10    (9, 11)
Period 5:                         14.15 – 15.05
Study Period:                 15.10 – 15.35
Prayer then staggered year group dismissal on rotation

Break arrangements
Year 9                   may purchase food in the canteen (as they are on late lunch)
Year 7/8                may eat snacks they have brought in in their areas