Making careers advice impartial and effective

Academies are legally required to give providers the opportunity to talk to year 8-13 pupils about technical education qualifications and apprenticeships. Schools must ensure that all pupils have opportunities to hear directly from providers of post-14, post-16 and post-18 options to inform their choices at important transition points. See below for our statement regarding this requirement:

At St Peter’s RC High School and Sixth Form Centre we actively encourage and inspire young people to take ownership of their career plans and to consider all options open to them such as further education, apprenticeships and higher education, so they are able to select the best way forward for their aspirations, abilities, interests and learning styles.

All staff encourage pupils to think broadly and ambitiously about their future education and career options and to consider current labour market conditions, to ensure students are able to make well informed decisions. This is strengthened and sustained by excellent relationships and regular contact with Careers advisers, local employers, apprenticeship providers, colleges, universities and alumni.

St Peters is committed to preparing its pupils for the world of work and supporting them to identify their individual career paths. An extensive careers education information advice and guidance programme is provided for Years 7-13 which is delivered through the curriculum and by a broad range of careers activities.

The Careers Department provides a client centred service and impartial advice, guidance and information on further and higher education pathways, apprenticeships and employment opportunities for young people. The Careers Programme of Education and Events aims to enhance employability to ensure all students have a clear pathway/progression post 16 and post 18 and receive pertinent, impartial and timely advice and guidance.

Some of the activities we provide are:

  • Careers Week
  • Internal mentoring
  • Careers interviews
  • Development Days
  • “People like me” events
  • Careers talks
  • Apprenticeship talks
  • Alumni shared experiences
  • The National Citizenship Service
  • Visit and presentation from the National Apprenticeship Service
  • Parent’s evenings
  • Career Fair Visits
  • Girls into STEM Careers Workshop
  • Kier Construction – STEM Careers Workshop
  • Workplace visits – such as Superdry
  • Faculty Fortnight subject based events


St Peters understands the jobs market, both locally and on a wider scale:

Labour market information is drawn from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) and from the Career Development Institute. This information is used to keep parents, tutors, teachers and pupils informed of the employment opportunities locally and in the wider area. The communication of employability information amongst staff is largely done by emails generated by the Head of Careers but is supplemented by using the Principal’s weekly briefings as needed and the Careers Newsletter.

If you are a parent/guardian and you would like to find out more about our “Careers Programme” or you are an employer or apprenticeship provider and you would like to participate in our career activities please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Beeton, Head of Careers email: Tel; 01452 509208