History - Year 9

Term one: Did Britain change for the better 1750-1900? Why was Jack the Ripper never caught?

Topics include: causes and consequences of the industrial revolution, Beer street and Gin Lane, John Snow and Cholera, Social consequences of the industrial revolution. Particular focus on the women involved in the Jack the Ripper case and Hallie Rubenhold’s The Five.

Term two:  What was the ‘Great War’ 1914-1918? What was life like in the trenches of WWI?

Topics include  causes of the First World War- long term and short-term, recruitment to the War, the Christmas Truce, Trench life and conditions, WW1 weaponry, Haig- the Butcher of the Somme, Women and the Homefront, end of WW1 and the Treaty of Versailles

Term three:  What is History, now?

Modules reflecting the current debates and cutting edge interpretations of History. An experimental term to reflect current historiography and debates in historical teaching. Academic year 2021/2022: ‘Hidden voices.’

Term four: what was life like in the ‘Age of Extremes’?
How did another World War come about?

Topics include differences between the three dictators of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin, depth study in Germany’s experience from 1919 and Hitler’s rise to Power, Nazi Germany, Road to WWII, Blitz and Home Front, key turning points of WWII.

Term five:  What was the Cold War and has it even ended?

Topics include the Dropping of the Topic Bomb, difference between Capitalism and Communism, Berlin Blockade, Arms Race, Cuban Missile Crisis, Moon Landing, Vietnam War, Rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, the ‘End’ of the Cold War.

Term six: What impact has Modern Terrorism had on Society?

Topics include defining terrorism, Terrorism across History, terrorism abroad and 9/11, Terrorism in the UK and 7/7.

Year 9 key assessment schedule- emphasis on challenging historians’ interpretations and embedding powerful knowledge


Historian’s interpretations upon the Jack the Ripper- 


Historian’s interpretation upon the Causes of World War One-


Trench Diary Project


Historian’s interpretations upon 1930’s Dictatorships- comparing Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin


World War II key battle presentation


End of year test.