History - Year 8

Term one: What was life like in Anglo-Saxon England? Why did William the Conqueror win the Battle of Hastings

What do we know about medieval society? 1066- topics covered include: the build up to the battle of Hastings, the aftermath; The Bayeux tapestry; William’s consolidation of power: feudal systems, castles, defending and attacking a castle site.

Term two:  what was life like in Medieval Europe?

The Conqueror’s Sons; The Crusades; The Murder of Thomas Becket; Medieval medicine; Medieval town life; the role of the tournament; Magna Carta; Black Death and its consequences.

Term three:  Why did Henry VIII break with Rome during the Tudor Period. Did Elizabeth solve the problems of her reign? Was Elizabethan England a ‘Golden Age’ for all?

Topics include Battle of Bosworth; Henry VIII and the English Reformation; Dissolution of the monasteries and Pilgrimage of Grace; Edward VI and the differences to his father; Bloody Mary. The problems of Elizabeth’s reign; marriage, succession, religion, poverty, Mary Queen of Scots, Spanish Armada

Term four:  Comparing Michelangelo to Da Vinci- who was the greatest renaissance individual?

Introducing the renaissance; who should be considered the Renaissance Champion, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Martin Luther, Christopher Columbus; the age of exploration, renaissance medicine and technology.

Terms five and six: Hidden Voices: How far should history be studied from different viewpoints and perspectives?

What is the traditional narrative of history? Whose stories are usually studied in historiography? How is this narrative changing? Consideration of the different, hidden voices whose history has previously been overlooked. Marginalized groups which will be looked at include: the hidden voice of women, the disabled, children, marginalized indigenous groups such as native Americans, history of sexuality.

Year 8 key assessment schedule- emphasis on use of sources and embedding powerful knowledge


Local Medieval site- Gloucester Cathedral


Using sources to understand the Murder of Thomas Becket


Primary Sources and the impact of the Reformation (Sources to be provided)


Did Elizabeth successfully solve the problems of her reign? (Sources to be provided)


Who deserves to be crowned the Renaissance Champion? (Sources to be provided)


Hidden Voices Postcard and fact test revision