History - Year 7

Term 1: what does it mean to be a historian?
Historical and Archaeological skills

Looking into key skills of history including: chronology, working out century, BC/AD difference, using evidence, primary/secondary sources, anachronisms, bias and reliability, research skills in the library, introducing historical interpretations.

Term two: How did people live during the Stone Age?
What was the significance of the Neolithic revolution?

Looking into the following topics: Evolution of man; Evidence from pre-historic times; Impact of the Neolithic revolution; Hunting practices; Lascaux Caves and Skara Brae case studies

Term three and four: what can the ancient worlds teach us about today?

The terms module will take key themes such as government, warfare, architecture, civilisation (to name a few) and do a cross-comparison with the Ancient Civilisations of Greece, Rome and Egypt- seeking similarities and differences amongst the three ancient worlds but also their legacy and impact upon the 21st Century.

Term five: What would a story of migration to Britain AD-1750 look like?

Topics include: Roman Britain and Glevum, the case study of the Ivory Bangle lady, Viking experience, Aetheflaed the Saxon warrior princess, Medieval Jewish migration, Tudor England and Roma Gypsies, Britons going abroad- case studies of India, Australia and America

Term Six:  Was Britain welcoming to Modern Migrants 1750-present day?

Topics include:  The Irish potato famine, Jewish communities in industrial Britain, WWII and Polish migration, the Windrush Generation and the African-British community, Asian Migration to Britain up to present day.

Year 7 key assessment schedule- emphasis on extended writing and embedding powerful knowledge


Choose your own topic (essay writing)


Key skills fact test


Neolithic Revolution essay (with notes)


which ancient civilisation was most significant for the world? (Unseen)


Britain was welcoming to its migrant community from Roman times to c.1750? essay (without notes)


Migration Post Card and fact test revision