In Geography, we are committed to ensuring that ALL students:

  • Engage and learn about the world they live in, regardless of their ability or socio-economic background
  • Show continuous progress and achieve their full potential
  • Enjoy the process


Our students will become global citizens, who can be:

  • Confident working independently or in a team
  • Literate in how they express their understanding of the world
  • Numerate, analytical and creative so they can become problem solvers in a world beset with problems
  • Reflective and evaluative so they can develop and progress
  • Employable across society, and have access to any career with a broad range of transferable skills
  • Environmentally conscious and appreciative of the wider cultural and historical precedents.

 Where will Geography take you...

Information for year 9 students, who are currently considering their GCSE options for next year.

Geography is a facilitating subject which addresses a wide range of dynamic issues. In the 21st Century the role of the geographer has become more important in society.  The Covid-19 pandemic is a current situation that can be analysed and investigated through the ideas and concepts we learn in geography.  Even before this pandemic, discussions on sustainability and the way we deal with environmental issues are still seen as one of the greatest challenges facing the world. Over the course of many decades issues that have dominated our conscious minds such as war in the Middle East, deforestation in the Amazon and the exponential growth of world population has led to Geography being seen as a subject that is highly regarded by universities and employers.  The ideas, concepts and skills that we learn at GCSE Geography will stay with you throughout your life and equip you well in any job/careers that you wish to pursue.

GCSE Geography Options Leaflet 2020

Get Ready for GCSE Geography